Frequently Asked Questions - Sleepovers 

Can the Dog Taxi pick up my dog for Sleepovers?

Yes - when scheduling Daycare Services, also select the "Add on" for round trip or one way Dog Taxi Service. We will schedule the pick up and departure time for you.

Does your facility have cameras to see our dog?

Yes - our camera also have voice speaking too.  So, you can talk to your dog and they can hear you..

While visiting, can my dog get groomed too?

Yes - just schedule the service you need with your package.

Do you need my dogs vaccination records for Sleepovers?

Yes - since now your dog will be playing with other dogs in our Living Room Arena Area. 

Can I add an extra Sleepover day, while my dog is visiting at your facility?

Yes - just send us a email with your request and we will email your invoice for the added services..

Can we pick up our dog early from your facility?

Yes - just call us or send a email to let us know when you might be arriving, so we can get your dogs items ready to leave.

Does my dog need to be "Approved" for Sleepover visits?

Yes - since we're a ALL OPEN facility, each dog has to be able to play and get along with all the other approved dogs.  

Tour of our Facility

This is our "Meet & Greet" with you and your dogs!