Frequently Asked Questions - Daycare 

Can I send treats with my dog for Daycare?

Yes - please send them in a ziplock bag with your dogs name.

Can the Dog Taxi pick up my dog for Daycare?

Yes - when scheduling Daycare Services, also select the "Add on" for round trip or one way Dog Taxi Service.  We will schedule the pick up and departure time for you.

Can I schedule same day Daycare?

No - we need at least 24hrs prior to arrival to schedule staff members to play with your dog at Daycare.

Can I pick up my dog at anytime from Daycare?

Yes - anytime after 9:00AM, but you must pick up your dog by: 6:00PM.

Do you need my dogs vaccination records for Daycare?

Yes - since now your dog will be playing with other dogs in our Living Room Arena Area. 

Does my dog need to be "Approved" for Daycare?

Yes - since we're a ALL OPEN facility, each dog has to be able to play and get along with all the other approved dogs.  

Does your facility have a late pick up fee?

Yes - for every 15 minutes late, we charge a extra $5.00 

Can my dog visit earlier then 8:00AM?

Yes - please ask how this works during your scheduled Tour of our Facility - Meet & Greet.

Can my dog get groomed, while visiting at Daycare?

Yes - just schedule a grooming appointment along with Daycare. 

Can my dogs nails get trimmed while visiting at Daycare?

Yes - just schedule a nail trim appoint along with Daycare.

If I need to cancel my Daycare visit, do I get refunded?

Yes - a couple of different ways you can select.  You can get a refund to your credit card.  You can have the amount loaded on a gift card or you can credit the amount towards your dogs next visit.

Tour of our Facility

This is our "Meet & Greet" with you and your dogs!