Waste/Poop Removal Services


The Nanny’s – Salon for Dogs, LLC.

9801 State Route 44 – Mantua, OH 44255

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First Initial Cleaning of One Ache Yards

1 Dog = $35

2 Dogs = $45

3 Dogs = $55

4 Dogs = $65

5 Dogs = $75

Once A Week Visits

1 Dog = $12

2 Dogs = $16

3 Dogs = $20

4 Dogs = $24

5 Dogs = $28

All dogs must be in the same family.

Must schedule a “Meet & Greet” for pricing of your yard before Clean Up begins once a week.  Prices may change due to size and amount of waste in your yard to be removed.   All Clean Up visits are sent a weekly Email Invoice for payment of our services and must be PAID IN FULL before our Cleaning Crews arrive at your home.  Cleaning Crews DO NOT collect funds for our services.  On day and time of arrival, please have your Dogs secured in your home.  If your Dogs are outside when we arrive, we reserve the rights to reschedule your appointment for safety of our staff members.


The Nanny’s Salon for Dogs, LLC reserves the right to refuse and/or discontinue any present and/or future services for the safety of our staff and/or your dog.